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Home Exterior Renovations and Services

First impressions definitely matter but that's not the only reason to consider home exterior projects. Certainly for the protection and the beautification of your home, but we offer home projects that also increase your living space, and your outdoor storage space. Our projects include home exterior serfacas: roofing, siding and windows, room additions, decks, porches, awnings. We can also add on that garage you've been needing for your expanding family car fleet and storage needs. Move all of your yard equipment into a new utility barn and you might even be able to fit your cars in that garage!

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We are a responsvice, home contractor. Call us to discuss your home project.

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Services overview

Visit to your house

At the same time as we book the survey, we also book your design visit date to take place once we are equipped with the survey drawings. At this visit we go into greater depth about the needs of your property and discuss your requirements and brief in much more detail.

Drafting the design

On return to the studio we start drafting your scheme, with floor plan layouts and scaled elevation drawings, including extensions and alterations as required, to show you how the scheme will look. We try to have the first drafts to you within 3 weeks.

Final proposal

After we have drafted up your scheme in consultation with you and you are really happy with the proposed design we will send you through the final stage 1 package, for your approval.

Renovations for Any Budget

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We cover a range of services from simple repairs to full blown additions and upgrades. A Unique Home Contractor, LLC has experience with just about any home improvement project you can throw at us! Call us today and make your dream a reality.

Home Exterior Contractor Services

We are dedicated to form and function. Home upgrades will increase the value of your home but often the reason for doing them is more for comfort and convenience. Call us today with that "pet" project you've been putting off. Very often, the cost is not as high as you might have expected. Even better, your home value increase often will offset the money you put into the project. Perhaps you've been putting your project off too long. Call us today and let's make your dream a reality.


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