Sealing Step 1 - Cleaning Process

How Long Does Sealing Last?
We will give a 2 year warranty on our sealer

Is there maintenance involved with the sealer?
Care for the paver or concrete after sealed will be to only wash with a water hose. Nothing will penetrate after its sealed, just needs rinsed.

When can I have my pavers or concrete sealed?
We recommend waiting 1 year after pavers or concrete has been installed do to efflorescence. Efflorescence is a calcium product in the concrete which most pavers are made of now,that appears when carbon dioxide enters the air and when this happens it creates carbonate also known as Efflorescence. This is the white cloudy stuff that appears on the surface after installing. This happens because pavers are made and then put on a pallet and then stacked in warehouse until delivered and installed. So they don't actually cure until weathered and that takes approx. a year.

NOTE: We are not responsible if efflorescence appears after we seal, cause even though we waited a year it is possible it could still appear. If this happens we can come out and spray with a cleaner and reseal that area at an additional charge.

Types of sealers we offer
Super Wet:   which is going to give off an great color enhancement and a nice sheen look.
Ultra Luster:  is a lot like the super wet just not as shiny and may take more than 2 to 3 coats.
Natural:  is going to be just a natural look of the paver with no sheen to it. This could also take more than the 2 to 3 coats.

Will the resulting surface be slippery?
We recommend adding a textured polymer or shark bite to the 3rd coat of sealer in high traffic walking areas, around a pool or if driveway is on a hill. This will allow better traction. All sealers will be a little slippery when wet.

Why to seal
Sealing lock in all the paver joints and pavers together  , blocking out and water from penetrating to the base of the pavers which will cause voids in the base that result in sinking of the pavers. Sealing also prevents sun rays from fading the color and preventing and chemicals, grease, mold or mildew to penetrate the paver or concrete. Last this will prevent any weeds or grass trying to grow in the paver joints.