Awnings Have Both Aesthetic and Functional Value

Awnings have both an aesthetic and a functional value for your property. They can protect your property and your family from the elements. They are attached above windows or doorways and are fully supported by the building they're attached to.

If you want to experience the immediate value of an awning, while it's raining, go to your favorite drive through fast food restaurant that does NOT have an awning over the pickup window.  You'll experience this at many coffee shops as well. While you're exchanging wet money, you'll also remember the experience and be a lot less likely to visit this establishment the next time. And let's face it, if it's raining, the reason you don't want to get out of your car in the first place is to stay dry. 

An awning is a simple lightweight, frame structure over which a cover is attached. You'll find them at entry ways, above windows and doors and areas where the establishment is trying to protect its patrons from the elements.