Sealing Step 1 - Cleaning Process

We will be using a specially engineered two part water based pure urethane sealer that penetrates the pavers evenly and allowing it to breathe while drying. The sealer has a superior joint stabilizer in it that will bond the sand and sealer together.

We use water base sealer over solvent base sealers to do Ohio's high water table causing pavers and concrete to hold moisture. Solvent based sealers trap the moisture under the sealer and causing a white film look. The water base sealer is breathable and doesn't do that.

Our sealer allows us to do our process often in one day. Reduce time to seal benefits us not making several trips but allows minimal interruption to the home owner. These products cannot be purchased at any local hardware store. They are high end commercial grade products that are environmental, pet and plant safe.

 Now that were ready to seal, we will start the 1st application, which we call the float coat stage.  So we will flood the paver joints heavily and spray an even application over the area. We will use a hand blower to help even out puddles.  We will wait approx. 15 minutes and start second coat. This coat wont be as heavy in the joints just an even application. If a third coat needed then we will apply but not usually needed.